Huge congrats to Emil Płoszajski and Karolina Galuba (Furia Film), the creators of the “Let’s Go Grandpa!” and Martyna Wojcieszek and Natalia Łodygowska (Mizar Films), the creators of the “Fantasylum”, who got the production support from the Polish Film Institute. Both projects had been developed during the last edition of the Kids Kino.Lab. The tutor of the projects was Kirsten Bonen Rask.

Check out more about the projects below.


“Let’s Go Grandpa!”


To get the family  together, you sometimes need to run away from home.

Your crazy grandpa is the best, but your dad hates him. And he doesn’t believe you can talk to real dragons, either. This leaves you with no choice: you have to run away, free grandpa from his retirement home and hit the road. It seems only grandpa’s legendary boat can stop this chaos and save the family. A story that could happen to (almost) any family.

“Let’s Go Grandpa!” received the CETA postproduction award at Kids Kino Industry in September.

Scriptwriter: Emil Płoszajski
Producer: Karolina Galuba
Production Company: Furia Filma
Format: live-action film




Pirate, an imaginary dog, struggles with his creator’s Frankie growing up. One night, Pirate leaves Frankie’s room for the first time and gets into Fantasylum – a gloomy shelter for imaginary pets. The place is ruled by Jeerella the cat, who leads and persuades the other animals to hate their creators. Pirate does everything in his doggy power to find his way back to Frankie. Pirate’s journey – packed with adventures and extraordinary characters – actually talks about growing up and dealing with your own imagination. For growing up is unavoidable, and that’s ok.

Scriptwriter: Martyna Wojcieszek
Producer: Natalia Łodygowska
Production Company: Mizar Films
Format: Animated film

We are keeping our fingers crossed! And waiting to buy a ticket to see both films in the cinema.

More information about the supported projects can be found at the Polish Film Institute website.