Kids Kino Industry here we come! Last session of 2021 Kids Kino Lab and the first one when we can finally meet in person starts on the 25 of September.

For the last session we have planned a lot of networking activities to use the fact that we can meet together in Warsaw. We are extremely happy that majority of our participants can travel to Poland – it will be a great pleasure to chat, cook and watch some movies at Kids Kino International Film Festival which starts at the same day as 4th session of Kids Kino Lab.

On Monday and Tuesday, we have planned more networking with international producers who are taking part in a newly established programme Producers LINK* and attendees of the Kids Kino Industry forum.
But the most exciting day for all of us is Wednesday.


Let’s pitch!


We’ve been waiting for this moment from the first session of the Kids Kino Lab workshop. Finally we can share with the audience projects which our participants under the supervision of Kids Kino Lab tutors have been working on during last months.

The pitching of the projects developed within Kids Kino Lab workshop will take place on the 29 of September in Kino Muranów in Warsaw in frame of Kids Kino Industry forum. The presentations will also be available online for the Guests of the forum who will be attending the event online.


Projects presented at the Kids Kino Industry forum:


1. “Anna’s World” – Bulletproof Cupid, documentary series, Belgium
2. “Childocracy” – RIVERBED, live-action series, Latvia
3. “Cooler Squad” – Platige Image, animated series, Poland
4. “Fantastique” – Serendipity Films, documentary film, Belgium
5. “Ghostly Company” – Rodini, animated series, Belgium
6. “The Lucks” – Letko, animated series, Poland
7. “Midsummer night” – Domino Film, live-action film, Poland
8. “Nina” – New Europe Film Sales, animated film, Poland
9. “Planet 7693” – Giggling Goat Company, live-action film, Montenegro

We are keeping our fingers crossed for you Guys!

Check the consultations with our Tutors Armin Prediger and Philip LaZebnik who you can meet with at the Kids Kino Industry and consult your script. You can read more about it here.

More about Kids Kino Industry.

*Producers LINK is organised thogether with Kids Kino Industry and Cinekid for Professionals.