Wishing you a happy, warm and healthy holiday season! Thank you for being with us for the past twelve months. This has been another year to show us that we have a wonderful community of people who recognise the value of creating high-quality cinema for young audiences. Thank you for being a part of that community.

Before we say hello to 2022, we have prepared a brief sum-up of what has happened in 2021.

Below, you will find a link which is an invitation to create your own Christmas tree ornament in cooperation with Kids Kino Festival, Katarzyna Walentynowicz, and our graphic design studio Homework.

For the sixth time, we had a chance to accompany the creators of films and series for young audiences and watch the development of their projects. Due to the pandemic, the first three sessions of Kids Kino Lab were held online but luckily, the last session combined with pitching was held in Warsaw. We keep our fingers crossed for our participants and hope that the workshop brought them closer to bringing their projects to the screen!

Brief sum-up of what happened in 2021 in Kids Kino Industry and KKI Talks jump here.