Kids Kino Lab is an international development programme for film and series for young audiences. It is dedicated to storytellers and creatives who are interested in developing their film or series (live action or animation) from the beginning of the writing process (the concept of the story) or at an early development stage.

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The call for projects is closed but you can read more about the application process.

Since 2014, the Kids Kino Lab programme has helped filmmakers develop ideas for films and series for young audiences. Double Trouble (“Tarapaty”) and Triple Trouble (“Tarapaty 2”) as well as Detective Bruno (“Detektyw Bruno”) are only a few of the films whose scripts were developed as part of the Kids Kino Lab.

The programme is focused on live-action and animation films and series. Within the programme, we aim to work from the concept of the story to the first draft of the screenplay*. However, more advanced projects are still eligible and welcome!

Kids Kino Lab was created to support emerging storytellers who are taking first steps in the field of professional scriptwriting as well as experienced writers.

The upcoming edition is open only for projects from Poland.

During six months and three on-site sessions, the programme’s participants supported by the tutor Philip LaZebnik will develop and work on the best structure of their projects. Emphasis will be put on group work, individual consultations with tutor, and individual work of the participants between the sessions. Besides the on-site sessions, participants can take part in online consultations.

The workshop will finish at the Kids Kino Industry international co-production forum. All participants will receive a pass to the industry event. Some of the selected projects will have the opportunity to be presented in front of the international film industry at the Kids Kino Industry international co-production forum in October 2023. This is an opportunity for the participants to find a producer or a co-producer for their project.

*The final results depend on a number of factors, including the advancement of the project as well as the amount of work and time the participant put into developing the script during the workshop.

The programme is organised by the team behind Young Horizons Industry co-production forum for kids and youth content and it is a part of Kids Kino International Film Festival.

Kids Kino Lab is co-organised by New Horizons Association and Creative Europe Desk Poland. Co-financed by Polish Film Institute. Partner: Mazovia Warsaw Film Commission and Mazovia Institute of Culture.


3 on-site sessions

All sessions will be held in Warsaw, Poland

International tutor

We are working with Philip LaZebnik, originally associated with Disney Studios and Dream Works. Read more about Philip

Small group

Max. 4-6 projects


Versatile sessions

Group work are combined with individual consultations with tutor (on-site and online)


Pitching opportunity

Some of the selected projects will have the opportunity to be presented at the Kids Kino Industry international co-production forum in October 2023

Talk with Philip LaZebnik

Is it for me?

Kids Kino Lab is for you if you want to:

Develop your idea under the guidance of an internationally renowned screenwriter and consultant

Find additional motivation to work (predetermined deadlines for subsequent sessions impose discipline)

Confront your idea with a group of other creators and expand your network of contacts

Take part in a workshop that will get you out of a creative rut

Go international with your ideas and present your project in front of the international industry.


Working with Philip LaZebnik, who coordinated our project at the workshop, was a dream come true. Philip is a renowned filmmaker and, as it turns out, a great mentor. From the very first meeting, he took care of us, generously shared his experience, and guided us through one of the most difficult stages of transforming our story. As a beginner scriptwriter at that time, I learned a lot from him. I can wholeheartedly recommended Philip as a tutor.

Marcin Ciastoń

participant in Kids Kino Lab 2017/18

To work with Philip LaZebnik is an invaluable source of support, knowledge, and inspiration. Thanks to his charisma and experience, he follows the highest standards of communication between a creator and a tutor. He empowers the scriptwriter in the course of the creative process, suggesting solutions rather than imposing ideas. What’s more, Philip is helpful when it comes to finding your way in the jungle of plot-related question marks. He does all of that with impressive elegance and expertise. His comments are absolutely free of nitpicking. Philip focuses on the strengths of the project and its authors. As a result, he creates a perfect co-creative environment for scriptwriters at each stage of film development.

Ewa Rozenbajgier

participant in Kids Kino Lab 2017/18 and 2022

The meeting with Philip at the workshop was a formative experience which shaped my future years as a creative producer. By analysing films together and working on our group projects, I learned a solid lesson in the rules of genre cinema.

Films addressed to children are characterised by a solid focus on those rules and on the young audience rather than on the filmmaker’s individual vision. This is a great area for learning how to handle the classical scriptwriting solutions. Today, I am able to successfully translate this experience into my work on other projects. Besides, Philip is a great mentor who taught me that working on a script is not about struggling with inspiration: it’s a problem-solving process which can be controlled.

Philip gave me a lot of kind comments as well as constructive criticism. Both helped me learn how to make better films.

I actually envy the future participants of the workshop – the possibility of meeting and working with Philip is not to be missed!

Agnieszka Dziedzic

participant in Kids Kino Lab 2014/15, 2017/18, 2018/19

Philip’s workshop is a wonderful lesson in the craft of scriptwriting. His professional and attentive insight into storytelling makes it possible to find the essence of a given story and bring out its best qualities. By asking specific and fundamental questions, he serves as a guide to the protagonists and makes their journey more emotional and engaging. His commitment to the story is simply priceless!

Kaja Jałocha

participant in Kids Kino Lab 2022

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