The 7th edition wouldnt’ be possible without our great partners.

Creative Europe Media Co-Funded

The MEDIA sub-programme of Creative Europe supports the EU film and audiovisual industries financially in the development, distribution and promotion of their work. It helps to launch projects with a European dimension and nurtures new technologies; it enables European films and audiovisual works including feature films, television drama, documentaries and new media to find markets beyond national and European borders; it funds training and film development schemes.

Polish Film Institute

The Polish Film Institute (PISF) is the newest film institute in Europe, established in 2005 in accordance with a new cinematography law passed by the Polish Parliament. It is set up similar to the mechanisms of support for the film industries in many other countries of Europe.The Institute’s principal task is to provide the Polish film industry with a modern mechanism of support – from the development of film projects, through production, to promotion, distribution and circulation of Polish and European films. We support films from concept to screening, with particular emphasis on international co-productions.

Østnorsk Filmsenter AS

Østnorsk Filmsenter AS (“East Norwegian Film Center”) is one of seven regional agencies for supporting professional film makers in Norway. The Østnorsk Filmsenter AS work includes: funding of short and documentary films as well as games, offering training courses and workshops, create meeting arenas and network among film workers, support film related activities for children and youth and supporting young film talents.

Østnorsk Filmsenter AS works in close cooperation with Filminvest, who is responsible for funding feature films and TV series in the same region.



Zlín Film Festival, Zlín, Czech Republic

Zlín Film Festival belongs among the oldest and largest events of its kind worldwide and takes place in the Czech Republic. The festival’s mission is to present international film productions for children and teenagers, to make it accessible to child audiences, as well as to offer a high-quality alternative to commonly available audiovisual content. An important aspect of the festival is to educate young audiences through the medium of film, expand their awareness of the outside world, and develop their aesthetic, social, and moral feelings.

JEF Festival, Antwerp, Belgium

JEF loves youth film. JEF brings quirky, high-quality youth films to cinemas and schools, and into people’s homes in the city of Antwerp and all across Flanders. But JEF is more than just film. JEF is a festival. JEF is for and by young people, encouraging them to participate in workshops, to make their own films and to experiment with new media formats. JEF is the youth film contact for everyone involved in youth, film and new media, at school or in leisure time. And JEF stimulates directors and actors to strive for a broader and better Flemish youth film production.

Kids Kino Industry, Warsaw, Poland

Kids Kino Industry is an international co-production forum for films and television series aimed at the children’s market. Industry part of the Kids Kino International Film Festival.

Around 28 projects in development and works-in-progress are pitched for 200+ international Decision Makers and experts, producers, distributors and other industry members. The forum’s aim is to build connections between countries where children film industry is well developed and industries where production is still emerging.