A little pilot

Scriptwriter: Marcela Žgančíková
Producer: Petr Babinec
Production Company: Kouzelná animace
animated series


Little Pila is a four-year-old girl with plenty of energy and imagination, and more than anything in the world, she longs to discover unknown lands. When her parents are at work, Pila spends time with her caring and somewhat anxious grandfather, an old man with a long grey beard and grey hair. The grandfather owns and old atlas with pictures of distant continents. Pila loves going through its exciting pages, imagining their bathtub is an ocean she can dive in, the lamps are forest vines she can climb like a monkey, and the furniture reminds her of snow-capped mountains she can glide down on her imaginary skis… Yet Pila’s energy and imaginary adventures cause havoc in the household, things come tumbling down, and Pila is constantly on the verge of falling. To protect her, the Grandfather places an old weathered helmet on Pila’s head, and she decorates it with a rooster sticker. Nevertheless, the rooster with a rainbow tail comes to life, and transports both adventurous Pila and her cautious grandfather to distant lands. In each episode, Pila and her grandfather are transferred to a different country, where they always have new travel adventures. Upon their return, the girl’s desire of adventure is filled, and her grandfather is happy to have survived and gained courage.






Marcela Žgančíková

Marcela Žgančíková is currently studying screenwriting at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Her short movies were selected for WFF (Poetika Anima, 2018) and Karlovy Vary IFF (Kid, 2019)





Petr Babinec

Petr is a creative producer with more than ten years of experience in the animation studio Kouzelná (Magic). The studio produces and services animated films (as Fritzi:Miraculous tale, TvMiniUni), series (Mimi and Liza:Christmas Lights Mystery), video clips and commercials.




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13 December 2019