A little pilot

Scriptwriter: Marcela Žgančíková
Producer:  Petr Babinec
Production Company: Kouzelná animace
animated series


A Little Pilot is a series for children (3+) about a little seven-year-old boy who thanks to a magic rooster travels all around the world, and therefore gets to know cultures of different countries and discovers diversity of our planet.






Marcela Žgančíková

Marcela Žgančíková is currently studying screenwriting at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Her short movies were selected for WFF (Poetika Anima, 2018) and Karlovy Vary IFF (Kid, 2019)





Petr Babinec

Petr is a creative producer with more than ten years of experience in the animation studio Kouzelná (Magic). The studio produces and services animated films (as Fritzi:Miraculous tale, TvMiniUni), series (Mimi and Liza:Christmas Lights Mystery), video clips and commercials.




Posted on

13 December 2019