Anna’s World Series


Scriptwriters: Tijs Torfs, Celine Vanhoutte
Producer: Katleen Goossens
Production company: Bulletproof Cupid
Country: Belgium
Type: Documentary

In this docuseries, we follow a ten-year-old girl named Anna. Each episode is about a different Anna, in a different country. Led by the point of view of our main character, we learn about the small differences that make every Anna and her school life unique. Each episode will zoom in on a different topic, with the use of animation to portray her imagination and dreams.

Tijs Torfs

Tijs Torfs


Tijs graduated with honours with a master’s degree in fiction writing in 2019 at the RITCS School of Arts in Brussels. His diploma film won the audience award at the Leuven International Short Film Festival in 2020. Since September 2019, he had been working on a documentary for children, Bertha and the Wolfram, which was broadcast on Belgian national television and picked up the award for Best Short Documentary at the JEF Festival, as well as being selected for several festivals.
Celine Vanhoutte

Celine Vanhoutte


Celine graduated magna cum laude in 2014 as a Production Manager (film) at the RITCS School of Arts in Brussels. She worked for the theatre production company 4Hoog, a unique player on the Flemish children’s art scene. She has produced several short movies, such as The Life of Esteban by Inès Eshun, which won the Student Visionary Award at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, and 5XT by Niels Putman, which won second prize at the Jinzhen International Short Film Festival.