Scriptwriter: Martyna Wojcieszek
Producer: Natalia Łodygowska
Production Company: Mizar Films
Type: live-action & animation feature


PIRATE – an imaginary dog struggles with his Creator’s Frankie growing up. One night Pirate leaves Frankie’s room for the first time and gets into Fantasylum – a gloomy shelter for imaginary pets. The cat Jeerella leads the place and persuades residents to hate their creators. Pirate does everything in his doggy power to find the way back to Frankie. Full of adventures and extraordinary characters journey of Pirate tells actually about growing up and dealing with your own imaginations. Because growing up is unstoppable. And it’s ok.





Martyna Wojcieszek

The screenwriter focused on creating for young audience. The graduate of Film School in Łodź. She develops two kids projects – Fantasylum and The One Night Flower with the producer Natalia Łodygowska (Mizar Films). Interested in looney stories (not only) for children and genre cinema.



Natalia Łodygowska

Producer of kids’ films and owner of polish production company Mizar Films. Head of KIPA KIDS. Graduate of Krzysztof Kieślowski Film School, Creative Development at Wajda School, Accelerator KIPA 2017. Producer of shorts for kids: The Monster and Off Season. Preparing projects: The One Night Flower and Fantasylum.


Posted on

13 December 2019