Happy End

Scriptwriter: Małgorzata Biedrońska
Producer: Agnieszka Dziedzic
Production Company: Koi Studio
Format: live-action feature


Once again we will follow the story of the kid’s gang solving the art-related crime story. This time we would like to focus on the girl’s team as Julka and Felka will have to overcome the differences to save Olek. With each film, the obstacles are bigger and challenges more demanding as our audience is growing up with the characters. 






Małgorzata Biedrońska

Graduate of Screenwriting at National Film School in Łódź. Her original script “The Agreement” was picked-up for international Midpoint TV Launch workshop and developed under the supervision of Colombia University. She has been working for Akson Studio, where she developed scripts for: crime series, medical TV series and romantic comedy feature. Malgorzata is also involved in TV series projects such as „Closure” developed at Canneries writing residency organized by Canal +.



Agnieszka Dziedzic

Founder and co-owner of a production company Koi Studio. In 2015 granted the award for the Best Polish Producer Debut by Polish Film Institute and Polish Audiovisual Producers Chamber for the film Little Crushes. Her latest films include the German co-production Whatever Happen Next which premiered in Berlinale in 2018 and an adventure drama for kids Double Trouble.


Posted on

13 December 2019