Hell-Heaven Films


Scriptwriter: Maria Wojtyszko
Producer, director: Marta Karwowska
Production company: Orphan Studio
Country: Poland
Type: Live-action


Children are usually presented with an oversimplified explanation of the world. Those who deserve it go to heaven, and sinners are left in a sad corner (or a bubbling cauldron) in hell. Has anyone ever wondered what might happen if an unruly mum – a DJ who died in an accident and did not manage to say goodbye to her beloved son were to enter the afterlife?

Based on the idea of Maria Wojtyszko and Jakub Krofta.

The script is an adaptation of the theatrical play by Maria Wojtyszko.


Maria Wojtyszko

Maria Wojtyszko


Maria Wojtyszko is a screenwriter playwright and director. She studied Cultural Studies at the University of Warsaw, Screenwriting at the Łódź Film School, and Feature Film Directing at the Wajda School. She also finished the Playwriting Lab at Laboratorium Dramatu in Warsaw, where she collaborated with other playwrights on “Kabaret Na Koniec Świata” (“Cabaret for the End of the World”). She has written a few short films and for many television series including “Przystań” (“The Harbour”), “Doręczyciel” (“The Mail Carrier”), and “Bez Tajemnic” (based on the HBO series In Treatment).

She has been the Literary Manager of the Wrocław Puppet Theatre since 2012, where she enjoys promoting contemporary Polish drama.

Lately she works on the play for the National Theater in Prague and her original TV series.

Marta Karwowska

Marta Karwowska

producer, director

Marta Karwowska is a graduate of the directing faculty at the PWSFTViT in Lodz and the Institute of Sociology at the University of Warsaw. During her studies, she made several short feature and documentary etudes, including the “Owl” awarded at many festivals. She directed children’s spectacles and social spots. A graduate of the “Films for Kids.pro” (now Kids Kino Lab) workshops I and III.

In September 2017, her debut film “Tarapaty” had its premiere – a family adventure film that was watched by over 300,000 viewers. The international premiere of her debut took place at the TIFF Kids festival in Toronto. It was also shown at Cinekid in Amsterdam, at the International Film Festival in Beijing and at the 42nd Gdynia Film Festival in the Visions Apart Competition. The premiere of her film “Tarapaty 2” took place in 2020. Last year Marta shot her third movie (as a director and a scriptwriter) – a lovestory about a transgender boy. “Fanfik” was realesed on Netflix on June 2023. Currently, Marta is preparing for her fourth film, a comedy taking place in XIX century.