Let’s Go Grandpa!

Scriptwriter: Emil Płoszajski
Producer: Karolina Galuba
Production Company: Furia Film
live-action feature


To get the family together, one sometimes needs to run away from home.
Your crazy grandpa is the best, but your dad hates him. He doesn’t believe you can talk to real dragons, either. 
This leaves you no choice: you have to run away, free grandpa from a retirement home and hit the road. 
It seems only grandpa’s legendary boat can stop this chaos and save the family. A story that could happen to (almost) any family.





Emil Płoszajski

Author of theatrical and radio plays for children. Co-author of a feature film script, which acquired initial funding and is now in development. Currently working on romantic comedy and a musical stage play for the “Miniatura” City Theater in Gdansk, where he also leads children’s drama workshops.





Karolina Galuba

Film producer. Degree in linguistics and public relations, completed creative producer’s program at Wajda School in Warsaw. Before funding FURIA Film in 2015, she worked for 8 years for German broadcasters ARD/ZDF, producing reportages, news and sports reports from the biggest European events. Her first film premiered at Berlinale 2017.


Posted on

13 December 2019