Ring of Life

Scriptwriter: Kateryna Kopylova
Producer: Sashko Chubko
Production Company: Trident Film
animated feature


Trying to prove the flying suit of his father-inventor works, 12-year-old Mak jumps from the roof. Falling through the ground he enters the Dreamy World – a waiting place between life and death, which looks like Elysium version of Disneyland. To get out of the place he will have to find friends, overcome his fears and defeat the evil Minister SHHH, who rules the Dreamy World.






Kateryna Kopylova

Head of Ukrainian State Film Agency 2010-2014. One of the key figures in launching the new wave of Ukrainian cinema, Kateryna now works as an independent producer. Family sci-fi adventure Foxter & Max, which Kateryna produced and co-wrote, became a massive success and box office hit in Ukraine.





Sashko Chubko

Works at Pronto Film as producer and head of international relations since 2013. Active participant of the national film industry. Sashko managed Ukrainian Cannes pavilion and Oscar promo campaigns. After being the development producer on Foxter & Max, Sashko works on the development of Ring of Life project now.


Posted on

13 December 2019