Ring of Life

Scriptwriters: Scott Parisien, Kateryna Kopylova
Producers: Kateryna Kopylova, Sashko Chubko
Production Company: Trident Film
live-action feature


Testing a self-made flying suit, curious 13-year-old Ewa finds herself in the NeverAfter — a seemingly perfect fantasy world looking like a magical Disneyland. But, as it turns out NeverAfter is a place between life and death, a waiting place for kids in coma. In order to return home, she needs to reveal the secret of the NeverAfter, confront the mysterious Architect, ruling this world by stealing children’s memories and find the portal to reality — the Ring of Life.



Scott Parisien

Award-winning Canadian screenwriter and script doctor. Page Awards Winner, Nicholl Fellowships semi-finalist. Author of several novels. Screenwriter of Foxter & Max.






Kateryna Kopylova

Head of Ukrainian State Film Agency 2010-2014. One of the key figures in launching the new wave of Ukrainian cinema. Before that Kateryna worked as the executive producer of the main Ukrainian TV channel for the young audiences. Now, Kateryna works as an independent producer. Her family sci-fi adventure Foxter & Max (2019) became a massive success and box office hit in Ukraine.





Sashko Chubko

Development producer since 2013. After a documentary on stray dog killings, a couple of pompous history epics and depressing festival dramas, Sashko found his passion for developing content for young audiences. His last project, sci-fi family adventure Foxter & Max (2019), became a success in Ukraine and sold over 25 territories worldwide. Father of a 7-year-old.


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13 December 2019