Sex O’Clock

Scriptwriter: Matěj Randár
Producer:  Karolina Zalabáková
Production Company: Cinebonbon
live-action series


Chubby shy virgin Adam, 14, is heading into the unexplored territory of adolescence. The latino dancing classes that his dad made him take since he was a kid have recently turned into a potential opportunity to advance his sexual career.

But it’s not all fun and games. His father comes out as gay, his sister is planning an abortion (at 15), his newly single mother tries to reinvent her life, and his controlling grandmother bribes him to attend church services to atone for his masturbation hobby.

Will Adam figure out what love and sex are all about? Will he lose his virginity… and like it? Will his family find their way to a “new normal”?






Matěj Randár

Screenwriter, playwright and script doctor born in Zlin, based in Prague, Czech Republic. Graduated from Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. Experienced with a number screenplays of TV shows for youth, infotainment TV shows and live television broadcasts. Author of several distinctive theater plays.





Karolina Zalabáková

Screenwriter, director and producer, graduate of the doctoral program of audiovisual studies at TBU in Zlín. Cofounder of the Cinebonbon production. Experiences with fiction and animated children’s TV series. Her feature documentary debut Batalives was screened at a number of festivals. Currently working on her feature debut. Lives in Czech Republic.




Posted on

13 December 2019