The Gauntlet

Scriptwriter: Nikos Dayandas
Producer:  Stelios Apostolopoulos
Production Company: Aorifilms


12-year old friends Alex and Boris are Superhero fans. Their parents are religious fanatics. When their local church hosts a “miraculous” holy relic that looks just like the “Infinity Gauntlet” worn by arch-villain Thanos in the “Avengers” films, the boys decide to steal it. After a failed attempt, they leave home following the relic across the Greek countryside. By the time they catch up with it, Alex’s unattended diabetes results in a seizure that threatens his life. Reckless Boris has to abandon his dreams in order to save his friend. A rite-of-passage adventure about faith, friendship and what really makes a hero.


Nikos Dayandas

Nikos Dayandas (b. 1975) is a director, writer & producer and the co-founder of Aori Films. He has helmed international documentary co-productions for Arte, National Geographic, ZDF, AVRO, winning many prizes incl. the URTI Grand Prix at Monte Carlo and the FIPRESCI award at Thessaloniki IDFF. He has just completed his first live action short, a kung fu comedy starring 11-year old amateurs.


Stelios Apostolopoulos

Stelios Apostolopoulos is co-founder and producer at Aori Films, as well as a Director of Photography with 30 years of experience in documentary, fiction and advertising. Recent award-winning work as DoP includes Dolphin Man, A Family Affair, Little Land and Sayome. He has produced several documentaries and a live action short which will premier in the 22nd Olympia FF for children and young people.


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13 December 2019