The Lucks Series


Scriptwriter: Małgorzata Biedrońska
Producer: Anna Głowik
Production company: Letko
Country: Poland
Type: Animation

On a calm and peaceful Happy Fields sheep farm two self-claimed kids detectives black sheep and black cat are always on the hunt for their break through case despite bad luck and troubles that are on the hunt for them too. Their imaginary investigations might not give them the price they look for yet the life lessons they get from their adventures are priceless too.



Małgorzata Biedrońska

Małgorzata Biedrońska


Małgorzata graduated in Business Management Studies at Napier University in Edinburgh and from the Screenwriting Department at the National Film School in Łódź. She gained her first professional writing experience working for top film production companies in Poland – Watch Out Studio, Platige Image and Akson, where she co-created the Netflix Tv Series Sexify. Currently, aside of The Lucks, Malgorzata develops her first animation feature Pascal.
Anna Głowik

Anna Głowik


Head of production at Letko, Warsaw based animation studio, specialising in 2D animation and international co-productions. Currently working as line producer on Odo, Polish – Irish animated TV series for preschoolers, sold to over 120 countries. She is also a part of international project Woman in War and she’s developing a new series The Lucks. Previously Anna worked for 3 years in GS Animation as a production manager and at CARTOON where she helped to organise pitching and training events for animation professionals. Anna is a graduate of the Production Department of The Polish National Film School in Lodz.