Tosia Films


Scriptwriter: Wojciech Janik
Producer: Wojciech Stuchlik
Production company: Film Production Wojciech Stuchlik
Country: Poland
Type: Live-action feature


A young angel Maja is incognito on earth. She has the task of saving Christmas. Her good heart tells her to help Tosia – a girl who has a messy relationship with her mother. While mom and daughter become angels to each other, Maja begins to understand the beauty of being human.

Wojciech Janik

Wojciech Janik


Wojciech Janik graduated in film directing at the Academy of Art and Design in Łódź in 2007. For the past nine years, he has been a father of three children. Over the years, he has collected experience and life wisdom to be able to include them in his scripts. He has been writing every day for the past four years. He specializes in comedies. His first feature script is scheduled to shoot in 2022. He owns all that is good in his life to his persistence and systematic work as well as courage and unlimited imagination.
Wojciech Stuchlik

Wojciech Stuchlik


Wojciech Stuchlik is a producer and line producer, the owner of the Film Production company, a graduate of the New Horizons Studio from 2015. He also graduated from Queens College in New York with a degree in media studies and from the University of Silesia in Katowice in film and television production. He produced a feature film directed by Shaun Troke (Sparrow) and Mariusz Kuczewski (Silent Lake) and is also a line producer of films directed by Mariusz Palej (Behind the Blue Doors) and (Black Mill).