Today Kids Kino.Lab, script development workshop, opens the call for submission. Are you ready to submit your project? The deadline is October 23rd.

Kids Kino.Lab is an international script development programme for film projects and TV series for young audiences. It is dedicated to scriptwriters and producers who are interested in developing their films (live action, animation or documentary) or a TV series.

During the workshops, 12 teams will be developing their projects from short synopsis to the second draft of the script together with production basics (estimated budget, financing and promotion plan).

Kids Kino.Lab is open to the projects from all the European countries. The workshops will be conducted in English. The cost of the programme is 1600 EURO per team.

5th edition of Kids Kino.Lab will consist of 4 stationary workshop sessions as well as on-line sessions. The schedule of the workshops can be found below.

How to apply?

To apply you need to fill up the application form available on the website: Applications must be submitted in English.

For the application you have to provide the following information:

1) project title,

2) short logline,

3) synopsis of the film or a series,

4) country of origin for the project,

5) project format (film or a series – animated, documentary, feature),

6) project genre (comedy, family, drama, historical, adventure, fantasy, sci-fi, crime story, musical, others),

7) source of idea for the project (original project, adaptation),

8) target group for the project,

9) information about the Producer,

10) information about the Screenwriter,

11) treatment, characters and universe description and author’s explication,

12) photos of the Producer and the Screenwriter.

Apply here.

Before you submit your application, please read the Regulations carefully.

The schedule of the upcoming edition:

The Workshops will be conducted according to the following Schedule:

1) session I – stationary session held in January 2021 – Poland. The Participants work on their  idea  for  a  film  or  a  series  based  on  synopsis  and  treatment.

2) January 2021– February 2021 – The Participants develop texts specified by the Tutors that are the basis for writing the final version of the treatment.

3) February2021 – individual  on-line  consultations  with  the  Tutors.  Consultations  will be scheduled individually between the Teams and Tutors.

4) session II – stationary session held in March 2021 – Antwerp, Belgium. The Participants develop  final  version  of  the  treatment,  which  will  be  the  basis  for  writing  the  first version  of  the script.

5) March  2021 –May  2021 – the Participants  develop  first  version  of the script (the Screenwriter) and the draft of the producer’s package of the film/series (the Producer).

6) session III – stationary session held in May/June 2021 – Zlin, Czechia. The Participants work on the first version of the script, receive comments and remarks.

7) June 2021 –September 2021 –the Participants prepare the second version of the script (the Screenwriter) and the final producer’s package for the film/series (the Producer).

8) session  IV – stationary  session  held  in September    2021 – Warsaw, Poland. The Participants work  on  the  second  version  of  the script and  final  form  of the producer’s  package. Pitching practice is conducted during the session IV.