Kids Kino Lab 2022: Notes from the first session

The first session of the Kids Kino Lab 2022 script development workshop has just ended. Despite all the efforts to organise the first session in Lodz, Poland, we decided to change the on-site formula to online for the sake of common safety. The first session is always...

27 projects submitted to Kids Kino Lab!

Thank you all for your submissions! We have received twenty-seven applications of both films and series (live-action, documentary and animation). All the submitted projects are now examined and carefully read by our Tutors: Kirsten Bonnen Rask, Armin Prediger, Philip...

Kids Kino Lab at Kids Kino Industry. Final session!

Kids Kino Industry here we come! Last session of 2021 Kids Kino Lab and the first one when we can finally meet in person starts on the 25 of September. For the last session we have planned a lot of networking activities to use the fact that we can meet together in...


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