You are here because you are ready to develop your story. Let us help you. Below you will find more details how to submit your project to 7th edition of Kids Kino Lab development workshops.

The call for projects opens on 26 August, 2021 and closes on 15 October, 2021.

Calls for projects and scholarship are closed.

Who are the workshops for?

The workshops are aimed for teams: producer + scriptwriter who would like to developed their project (full-length film or series) from short synopsis to the second draft of the script.

At the same time producers will have their dedicated programme including market analysis and genre potential, digital revolution challenges, contracts (co-productions, options, contracts with sales and distributor), role of creative producer, case studies and others.


How does it work?

  • Participants will be divided into three groups (two groups will develop full-length film projects and one group will develop series), with four projects in each group. Each of the groups has its own lead screenwriting tutor who supervises the projects through all the workshops.
  • Through the entire course the producers will be guided by a production tutors who will help to develop the project from the production perspective.
  • The film groups develop projects from the synopsis stage (initial concept) to the script’s second draft.
  • The series projects group develops their concepts for a series, the outline of the first season, a synopsis of all the episodes, and the script for the pilot episode.
  • The producers take part in all the creative work on the screenplay while also preparing the project’s financial strategy, a marketing plan, a budget and a production package for the project.


Is my project eligible for the Kids Kino Lab?

  • Kids Kino Lab is open to the projects from all the European countries.
  • We do accept both full-length films and series projects in all the categories: animations/ documentaries/ live-actions.
  • No short films and TV specials are accepted.


Our Tutors

Among our Tutors there are Kirsten Bonnén Rask, Armin Prediger, Philip LaZebnik and Ronald Kruschak. Read more about our Tutors here.


How much does it cost?

  • The cost of the programme is 1600 EURO per team (2 people, each additional team member needs to pay 800 EUR).
  • Accommodation and food for participants are provided by the organizer.
  • The travel costs are on the participant’s side.


What is the working language?

  • The working language is English.


How long does the Kids Kino Lab programme last?

The workshops last nine months and consist of four group sessions (5 days each) and three online consultations with the lead Tutors. Each session of the workshops takes place during a film festival for children or an industry event.


What is the schedule*?

The programme kicks off at the beginning of 2022. Regarding the script development process the workshops will be conducted according to the following Schedule:

Session I (January, Poland)

The Participants work on their idea for a film or a series based on synopsis and treatment.

In between, the Participants develop texts specified by the Tutors that are the basis for writing the final version of the treatment and have an individual online consultations with the Tutors.

Session II (second half of February, JEF, Belgium)

The Participants develop the final version of the treatment, which will be the basis for writing the first version of the script.

In between, the Participants the first version of the script (the Screenwriter) and the draft of the producer’s package of the film/series (the Producer) and have an individual online consultations with the Tutors.

Session III (May, Zlin Film Festival, Czech Republic)

The Participants work on the first version of the script, receive comments and remarks.

In between, the Participants prepare the second version of the script (the Screenwriter) and the final producer’s package for the film/series (the Producer) as well as have a pitching training and have an individual online consultations with the Tutors.

Session IV (September, Kids Kino Industry, Kids Kino IFF, Poland)

The Participants work on the second version of the script and the final form of the producer’s package.


*The schedule of the Kids Kino Lab may be subject to change due to the pandemic situation.


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